Exciting projects on the way

October 23, 2011

As the season is coming to an end, and many of the people here are preparing for the winter, exciting projects are on the way.

In one hand, the project of building a new jetty,as the current one is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, and the path work, planned to start after the end of season, to improving the path, in order to make the access to Holy Island easier and more reliable and the walk through the island more comfortable and enjoyable for guest and visitors alike.(For more information in these projects click here)

To this we add another project (as we say in my country, if you don’t want stew, have two bowls) and this is the building of a new polytunnel and the planting of more fruit trees in the new garden, at the north side of the Centre. The new garden, fenced and prepared last winter-spring  has given us the harvest of different varieties of pumkins and the main harvest of potatoes.

View of the new garden with Peter and Billie digging out potatoes               View of the new garden with Peter and Billie digging out potatoes


With this we want to increase the amount of food produced by the garden in order to get closer to our main goal: being self-sufficient in vegetables that so tastily are prepared for the kitchen team for the enjoyment of us, the people working here, and all the guest who visit us throughout the season.

At the moment we have started  the fund-raising process (we have raised so far £250 and we still need approximately another £1000), it seems the most difficult part, because, as all of you who know Holy Island, the energy and intention are here in abundance.

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