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Here we are, pictured below from the top left: Boathouse John, who sings to the sea and runs the little tea shop. Colin who sings to the windows (granted this is while painting) our maintainence man. Below him Rob the first Geordie chef (best curry ever) and Sarah one of the housekeepers (best beret maker) and Sunil who does many things but mostly IT and is our Creativity Champion. Below him is Rinchen who looks after the island environment and does Tara practice at an ungodly hour in the morning. Then Tania our newest community member, another housekeeper – already involved in all sorts of things. Next Wendy, another cook, whose cream tea is fondly remembered on a regular basis. Below her is Fay another cook (aka the Crochet Guru). To her left is June who’s been a loyal housekeeper and is now working on the newsletter. Then sitting down is Karen who multi-tasks as office cover and housekeeper. The Community also includes the gardeners: Megan who rides a motorbike (but not on the island) and grows the tastiest tomatoes in the world and David who can call at ceilidhs and make capers as well as grow anything from jerusalem artichokes to chillis. Also Choden, the one and only Mr. Mindfulness himself, who sits in the back office strategising and also teaches courses and Warren, another cook (very good cakes of all kinds – even parsnip). Last but not least Adam, the main man in the office and resident nice guy.

Community Group Picture September 2008

Community Group Picture September 2008

This is not where we’re going to tell you all the official information of the whats and wheres and whos and hows of Holy Isle and not even how you can come here too if you’d like – you can find all that on the website. This is just where we share some of the little miracles and adventures that make the island such a wondrous place to be. We hope you’ll enjoy the glimpses you’ll see!

Wishing you all good things,

the Holy Isle Team

the team



  1. Thank you,
    It is a pleasure to see a glimpse of Holy Island.
    It must be a great place to be.
    Take care in winter.


  2. “Glimpses” makes my list of 5 things to be happy about today.

  3. Thank you so much for this Blog.

    Kevin Brown


  4. How I wish I could be with you all on such a beautiful isle hope that your new polytunnel stands up to the gales that we are having. I have made myself a promise that I will make a journey to visit you in the future . An inspiring blog !

  5. Holy island has always been on my list of places I’d like to go, but now that I’ve seen your website I’d like to think it will be sooner, not later. Loved your recipes!

  6. Anyone planning to go to Holy Isle has been blessed already!

  7. HOLY ISLAND !!!
    The place where I´dream to spend the rest of ,my landly life in this earth …

  8. Hi everyone.
    Hope you have not been swimming in the water over the winter Fay.
    John, it was nice to meet your mum last year – hope she is well,
    love to everyone on the island, you all do such a brilliant job,
    hope to see you sometime this year….
    Dawn from Dundee

  9. Hi Sarah Band-Aid
    Glad you are knitting some NZ wool beanies
    Coming to UK For a Visit – sorry I wont be able to get up there to see you. Georgie says hi to you too!

  10. I have been searching for more than a year now. On and off. At first merely because I wanted to get those photos of me in armour, but something more than that I feel.

    You all said I would miss the island and I do. But though I am a very different man to the one who spent a fortnight on your magnificent island, I still hold to my original thought that I will not return until I feel I have made significant enough progress on the path I have chosen. That will not be for some years I think. Perhaps a decade or two. Perhaps not. I cannot plan for that which I do not know.

    But I have been searching for you all. I emailed and rang a few times but that never came to anything. I forget why. I was going to ask Adam when he visited but unforseen occurrences meant that recent event did not take place.

    I can longer remember your names, and it would appear I have forgotten some of you. But those I do remember I remember well and would love to find some way to communicate with you again (perhaps facebook, I remember some of you have them).

    Well I am glad to have found you all at long last.

    Hopefully now I can get those photos.


    thanks once again for the 21-Gum Salute.

  11. Heya! I’ll be there on 17th July to do my work experience as a cook. Glad to know who the inmates are just in case I decide to run away at this stage! I look forward to seeing the island again and getting to know all you guys. Good to know there seems to be more than one cook. I was a bit worried about feeding millions all on my own… Anyway… Won’t be long now…

  12. h ave visited Holy Island as my son has atree donated in his memory. Very dissapointed to find that not one person mew anything about the trees. Perhaps you can contact me with some information on this. The people we spoke to were .The Local Vicar, the Heritage Centre, Post Office, Information Centre and anyone who would listen to us and all looked very blank when asked. .I await your early reply
    Mrs Iris Smith

    • Dear Iris, we are very sorry that the people you contacted on Arran knew nothing about the trees, but that is understandable to some extent. We keep the register of tree donations here on Holy Isle, and we tell people about the trees when they come to visit, but we don’t publicise it anymore because all the space available for trees has now been planted, and we are tending to the ones now growing. Please keep in touch with us if you want any more information.

  13. We’ll can you tell me who has and where it is that I may view it. I was on Holy Island not place called Arran and it didn’t seem to be over run with trees

    • Are we talking about the same Holy Island? We are Holy Isle, off the Isle of Arran, on the west coast of Scotland – not Lindisfarne the Holy Island in Northumberland.

  14. Yes we have it wrong I have now looked and seen it is Holy Isle, no wonder people looked at us oddly. thought there was only one Holy Island. my apologies.

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