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Holy Isle Newsletter – January 2016

March 14, 2016

Spring Volunteer Working Holiday

March 28, 2010

Home. That is what returning to Holy Isle feels like for many people, especially so during the Spring Volunteer Working Holiday.

As I’m sat here in the dining room, I am surrounded by Spring-like fervour, as the residents and volunteers scrub, plant, clean and launder their way into the new season, and with a quiet yet pervasive mindfulness, respect and tranquility which seems to seep its way into every soul that visits the island.

This year promises to be another busy year – several courses are fully booked, and the island will again be welcoming new and not-so-new visitors to its shores.

Today, the sun is shining after the wind and rain yesterday, which put a bit of a damper on the tree-planting and prevented the new poly tunnel from being erected – But spirits were not dampened by this; peoples’ flustered red faces laughing about the conditions of their first albeit wet day of work as they returned.

Everywhere you go today on the island, there are smiling faces to be found as people get stuck wholeheartedly into their chosen tasks – And there truly is something for everyone either as part of a practice or simply as a welcome break from their busy lives.

Yesterday evening, we participated in Earth Hour for the second year running; extinguishing our lights for 60 minutes as a sign of respect and solidarity for the earth; and to highlight our continued dependance on it’s natural resources, especially at a time as we strive on the island for it to become a model for self-sufficiency.

Earth Hour was a huge success both this and last year; proving that you don’t always need electricity for entertainment; but instead a comfortable settee, a hot drink and to be surrounded by friends and like minded individuals. This year’s Earth Hour took place in the freshly-reopened Boat House, with a joyeous mixed bag of poetry, jokes and a hearty sing along with music provided by the wonderful David and Alice.

The Peace Blanket for the Wisdom wing stairwell is nearing completion – It has taken almost two years to complete, with many intricate designs and patterns being woven by individuals in little squares which are now ready to be mindfully stiched together to create a beautiful piece of artwork; helping reflect not only the individuals’ creativity, but that they are part of a thriving community here on the island.

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Kevins Curtis Photo Gallery

Team Work




"If it wizny fir yer wheel barras where wid ye be!"

.....and time to relax

Big thank you to Kevin Curtis for his professional eye on these photos.

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Christmas and New Year on Holy Isle 08/09

February 9, 2009




As usual a BIG family Christmas and New Year on Holy Isle with lots of old friends and new faces. Profiteroles and alcohol-free champagne, Chenrezig and silence, dancing and laughter, knitting and mask making, walking and soaking up the winter sun.

On New Year’s Eve we each made a boat – and there never before was seen such an extravagant variety of boat designs – with symbols or words on them to express wishes and intentions for 2009. We floated the boats out to sea from the jetty one by one and they formed a long fleet of hopes and dreams, gently bobbing towards Arran.

Happy 2009 to all!



Call for DVDs

October 15, 2008

Dear Readers,

Do you have old DVDs which you’d like to send to a new home? Here on Holy Isle we’re beginning to bed down for the winter and we thought we’d appeal for secondhand DVDs to keep us entertained on the long blustery nights.

Please send to Fay Adams, Holy Isle, Isle of Arran, Scotland KA27 8GB.

Love to you all.


The new quilt

July 10, 2008

The new quilt is on its way! If you have any squares (4x4inch-ish) to add, please send them in and we’ll find a place for them…


Happy Birthday Holy Isle Centre!

June 1, 2008

On the 31st of May we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Holy Isle Centre! It was yet another beautifully sunny day and the garden was (and still is) bursting with life and colour. A Radiant reminder of all the love and hard work that has made the Centre such a haven of peace and healing for so many people!

So, we added some of the radiance (including some garden strawberries) to the birthday cake!

The cake made its grand entrance to the dining room accompanied by a lovely tune on the Northumbrian bagpipes, played by a wonderful course participant. To wrap it all up Adam gave a short but sweet speech about the Centre and then we all returned to our delicious lunches. It was a simply but beautiful celebration, and the cake was scrumptious!

It has been an honour to live on Holy Isle for the last month and help prepare meals for the wonderful community of volunteers, guests and course participants here! May the future of Holy Isle be full of peace, inspiration, love, light, and laughter so it may continue to benefit all sentient beings!

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Yummy Yummy

May 15, 2008

It’s not all porridge and oatcakes on Holy Isle you know!

Ruth from London enjoyed a surprise birthday cake in April. Having spent some time here in December the yummy scrummy veggy food lured her back for a spring visit.

Thanks Ruth for these photos and your lovely compliments for my baking attempts.

Posted by June ~ still a devoted volunteer!!