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Volunteer Working Week

April 3, 2012

Volunteer’s week for April 2012 has been a great success, and we have been blessed with glorious sunshine. The hungry workers have feasted on malaysian curry, parsnip pasta, spicy soup and chocolate bread pudding, all made with produce from the organic vegetable garden. As always, the main currency amongst the volunteers has been chocolate – those with a stash soon make friends and find their supply is quickly diminished.

The Environment Team with their haul of washed-ashore rubbish collected from the beaches of Holy Isle

The environment team, led by Rinchen, has been busy clearing the all-pervasive rhododendrons from the hillsides. This species may look pretty when in bloom but the plants prevent other vegetation from growing and limit the bio-diversity of the island. The stalks of the rhodies are kept and dried for firewood. Beach cleaning has also been taking place, with volunteer David remarking on how many plastic sticks from cotton buds he found washed up on the shore.

In the vegetable garden, Ute set the team the task of clearing rocks from the beds and turning the soil in readiness for the next season. Planting garlic and onions was done to keep the food flowing for the kitchen. The bases of the fruit trees and bushes were given a thorough weeding and fresh seaweed mulch was put down to discourage new weeds from taking root. Beds were also spread with manure in order to replenish the nutrients.

Sid’s beloved flower garden has been tidied and weeded by various members of the volunteer team.

The whole place is a riot of yellow with hundreds of daffodils smiling to welcome visitors.

The ever-vigilant housekeeping team poses for a group photo at the end of the volunteer week

The Housekeeping team have been systematically cleaning the whole of the Peace Centre from top to bottom in preparation for the guests arriving for the season of courses. Every nook and cranny has been dusted, swept, wiped and brushed. Special mention must be given to ace glass maintenance technician Fred who has cleaned every window to a wonderful shine.

Redecorating the boathouse in preparation for the new season.

Maintenance have been busy painting doors, painting walls, sawing, chopping, drilling and hammering to ensure that everything is ship shape and Bristol fashion to withstand the busy season ahead. A fresh coat of paint has graced the shrine room door and the walls of the boat house. An unusual guest visited the workshop to check on Peter’s handiwork – a sparrowhawk! Luckily the visitor was successfully shoo-ed away with no harm done to any living creature.

Anne takes time out sketch the island

A sunny morning see's the environment team raring to go


Giant Radish

January 21, 2008

Has anyone seen a radish like this before? Is it a complete anomaly in the world of radishes, or is it a breed known for its large size? Perhaps it can only be attributed to the fertile soils of Holy Isle and the green fingers of Alec and Dolka at the South End.
Posted by: Fay


The new polytunnel

December 4, 2007

Since last winter, we have a new polytunnel which is much more robust than the previous one – so we’re hoping it will be able to withstand the strong winds that come to blow the island’s cobwebs away. Rinchen built a beautiful windbreak around it and Sunil made a stylish gate, using birch from the hillside above the centre.
The polytunnel is very important for the vegetable garden. It enables us to extend the growing season and to get all those nutritious veggie ready for when the courses start in March. It’s also a very welcome dry place to work onthose days when I wonder if I might be better off building myself a boat, rather than growing vegetables…


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The Mandala Garden is still flowering…

November 29, 2007