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We regularly hear from people who spent time on the island in the good old days of living in the damp old croft houses attached to the old farmhouse, hearing the sound of rain dripping into buckets while sitting on the stone floor chanting the Chenrezig puja. And we also hear from more recent visitors who want to stay connected as part of the extended Holy Isle community. Here’s the place to do so. Or if you have any message for anyone in particular, want to get in touch with someone, have a poem, a thought or an idea here’s the space for it to be aired. Looking forward to hearing from you!



  1. I would like to know if there has been any more progress re Transition Arran/Holy Isle. There is a Transition Arran/Holy Isle web page that promises “more soon”. I think this would be a really interesting development

    • Hello

      sorry for the slow reply. There are very few of us on Holy Isle in the winter. The ‘transitions’ initiative is a particpatory process, so we are not able to push this forwards until all of the staff volunteers are here for the start of the season.

      Holy Isle has lots of projects that fit with the transitions ethos, such as our development of the vegetable garden (we are busy expanding it this winter… hence my slow reply,) and some research that we are carrying out into the possibility of getting a wind turbine on the island.

      I’m not aware of the website you mentioned – if I get time I will have a look for it. Transitions Arran is in the very early stages of development, I’m sure that they will post more information when they have it.

      The ‘transitions’ movement is very inspiring, and I do hope that we will be able to make good progress in the direction of sustainability and resilience once the season is underway and all of the staff volunteers are here so that they can participate in this.

      Perhaps we will see you here somtime this year and you can find out where we are up to with it all then : )

  2. Hello Holy Isle.
    Whilst on the island in Summer 08 I was very interested to hear about Grace Adams research into sourcing as much of the island food both locally and organic. I wonder what the outcome of her research was and whether there may be some information coming up shortly!? Great positive stuff!

    • Hello Rachel,
      Thanks for holding us to account on this! I think we ‘re going to have to start slowly, in view of the economy particularly. Our first moves are to rearrange who we order what from and to cut out middlemen so that we save a little. Also to look at what we order and begin to save by rearranging things. We’ve found a more local veg supplier so we’re going to go with him this season. Our recent hope is that we might be able to find a good source for major crops (potatoes, carrots and onions) from a local/organic supplier. This is where we’d like to spend the money we save from the above rearrangements. Unfortunately so far we haven’t been able to find someone but we haven’t given up yet!
      Lastly we’re going to give a form out to all course leaders this year asking how they wouyld feel about an increase in prices for next season if we go organic.
      I hope that sums things up.
      Take care

  3. Hello,

    My name is Bill Greer and I was born in Killwinning but have lived in Canada since I was eight years old. My Mother (Annie Hamilton Fullarton) died last year and I remember her telling me stories about visiting Holy Isle and Arran during the summer when she was a little girl. She told me many times how they were the happiest days of her life.

    I made it to Arran ten years ago for a visit but did not make it to Holy Isle. I hope to make the trip one day.

    I am following the path of the Buddha in this life so I thought it especially lovely that such a special place in the heart of my Mum is the site of a Buddhist Project!


  4. Hi message for fay its col did you get the disk of photos I sent over of your crazy swimming lol. your welcome to use any of the other photo in any way you want if you like them. It was great to meet you all and I had a fantastic time on the island and will deffo be back to see you all after I have finished touring the western isles. please say thanks to everyone and say hi to adam for me. take care and see you all soon. col

  5. I just landed back in Singapore after a wonderful 4 weeks in Britain. I feel so blessed to have discovered Holy Isle. I was so moved emotionally and found it a magical and wonderful place. I’ve promised myself that I will be back to experience Holy Isle again. Until next time…
    Love and peace to all who come to Holy Isle. Helena x

  6. Hi Fay-Just returned home after staying in Lamlash. Although a bit disappointed at not being able to visit Holy Isle I was pleased to have met you when I had breakfast at Sheries home earlier this week. I hope to come back one day with my wife to see Holy Island.

  7. After reading about the new dryer, I am wondering if I could try making similar and setting it up in my back garden.As the fuel bills grow and the environment is our responsibility I think this is a brilliant idea.I am planning a visit with my friend Val and looking forward to seeing and using the environmental friendly dryer for myself. Lyn Dundee

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